Joining the Twinning Association is not just about exchanging with French families from Normandy every year; we offer a host of other social events that appeal to most of our membership.

However in becoming involved in the actual exchange you will find yourself and your family forming long lasting friendships with the French families. The benefits it will have on you and your children’s language skills will be invaluable as will the excitement of experiencing French life “en famille”!


The highlight of our social calendar is our biennial trip to Les Pieux when around members spend two nights with their French family.


Our French hosts have in the past organised traditional evening entertainment.


Some interesting places we have visited include the Normandy landing beaches, a chateau, a cider farm and a river boat trip.


On alternative years, we host our French guests and have organised various group activities including barn dances, picnics and a Mardi Gras evening. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French! There are always friendly ‘interpreters’ available.